Gipsy Ocean was the codename for a battle in 2030 that was noted for being Lovecraft Maple's first mission and the destruction of Pine Gunner.


  • Gipsy Danger 2.0
  • Lovecraft Maple
  • Pine Gunner

Initial ContactEdit

The battle began when Pine Gunner was patrolling the waters around Anchorage. Recently, a Catagory-II Kaiju nicknamed Vortex had been spotted 12 Miles from Anchorage, and Gunner was making sure he did not get to the city. However, after a few hours, it looked like Vortex would never arrive. In contrast, the Kaiju was actually sitting at the bottom of the Ocean, waiting to strike the Jaeger. When Pine walked over the spot where Vortex lurked, Vortex attacked.

Main BattleEdit

Vortex at first was superior to Pine, dragging him down and biting Pine's left leg. However, Pine fought back, and unleashed his Murcury Caster, destroying Vortex's right Eye. This only enraged the feisty Kaiju, and it started locking its Jaw onto Pine's chest, shutting off Pine Gunner's power source. 

Critically damaged, Pine shot at the winning Kaiju one last time before shutting off for good. Luckily, the shot went even deeper into Vortex's dead eye, killing the Kaiju once and for all.