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Grafen is a category 4 kaiju which attacked West Germany in 2027. It was killed by the incomplete, but still functional Gipsy Danger 2.0 2 years after the attack near the breach by ScunnerSlattern, and Raiju. It successfully destroyed Bregenz, a city right next to Lake Constance before dying.


Grafen was tall, due to it being on all fours and having abnormally large front arms. It has a large tail which can be used to pierce through armor. Similar to leatherback, it could generate an electro-magnetic pulse using bioluminescent tentacles pertruding from it's back. It can also use these to sting opponents, much like a jellyfish. It bears a similar appearance to a scorpion. It is also heavily armored. It cannot be killed by conventional means, only being killed by Gipsy Danger's nuclear reactor, much like how Slattern was killed. 

It is incredibly agressive, and missed being in Category 5 by a small amount. It's movement resembles that of an arachnid, or scorpion.


Grafen emerges from the breach and immediately heads to germany where it is found in Lake Constance. It emerged two years after the "Final kaiju attack" directly in the breach. It, and other kaiju began The Second Kaiju War. When it is found in Lake constance, it heads towards Bregenz, one of the biggest cities alongside the lake. The incomplete remodel of Gipsy Danger is sent to find and destroy it. However, Grafen focused more on destroying the capital than fighting Gipsy Danger, a new behavior in that of the kaiju. With it's piercing tail, it destroyed buildings in mere seconds. It's heavily armored body protected against Gipsy danger's futile blows. After practically obliterating Bregenz, it engages Gipsy in battle. It manages to rip Gipsy's right arm off. It is finally destroyed when Gipsy fired it's nuclear turbine, burning through it's armor and vital organs, killing it.


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