The breach, in lake Huron

The Grea Lakes Breach mysteriously opened in the middle of Lake Huron on 22 June 2031 and served as a major problem or the United States and Canada. It closed in 2038 around the same time the Atlantic Breach sealed. 


After word got out that a breach was close to the American Heartland, panic broke out and many fled for fear of their lives. Operation: Bay City Defense is passed and construction on a shatterdome in Bay City, Michigan commences.

Timeline Edit

  • 2032- A disturbance is detected in the middle of Lake Huron, upon inspection a small breach is discovered. Military forces mobilize in case of attack.
  • 2033- So far no attacks, a temporary shatterdome is constructed in Bay City, construction on a fully combat capable shatterdome is underway as well.
    • Late 2033- Arrow Black is dispatched to the temporary shatterdome to defend the American Heartland.
  • 2034- In joint effort with Canada, the United States passes Operation Bay City Defense and construction on two, brand new MK VI Jaegers commences.
  • 2035- The first Kaiju comes through the breach, panic breaks out in the midwest. Former views of security because they were so far from water has led to a shock with the people of the great plains. Many start constructing personal bunkers and a few cities such as Des Moines, Iowa start to create programs to help the war effort. Milwaukee and Detroit soon follow suit.
    • May 2035- The first battle of the Great Lakes Breach, Arrow Black is dispatched to deal with a small catagory III Kaiju. Arrow Black is easily victorious and returns home with no injuries
  • 2036- Glory Dawn and Hunter Noble are finished, the Great Lakes shatterdome is now complete and the area is considered secure.
  • 2037- Three Kaiju emerge, the Second battle of the Great Lakes Breach commences. Arrow Black is quickly destroyed due to its small size, both pilots killed. Glory Dawn loses an arm but manages to take out two Kaju before being pulled back. Hunter Noble finishes the battle with its new artillery cannon-a piece of new tech that fires continues volleys of shells on enemy Kaiju.
  • 2038- The Great Lakes Breach officially closes for an unknown reason. The Shatterdome remains open for five more years before being deemed safe again. 

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