Custom jaeger guardian foxtrot south korea by rs2studios-d6ryy2g

Guardian Foxtrot is a Jaeger created by Southern Korea because of a response to the Korean Knifehead attack and created this death machine to fight any Category 1-3.


Made: March 11th 2029

Origin: South Korea

Status: Destroyed

Nicknames: Guardian, Fox, Wrecker and Meta Foxtrot

Kaiju kills: 9

Made in: Seoul Shadderdome

Rivals: Leatherback and Ravage

Pilots: Simon Lemi and Alex Demy

Body Language: Badger

Power moves: Tesla Cannons, Shoulder rockets (Packs in 10 missles each load) and Thundercloud


  • 2nd Jaeger that could jump and first Flexible Jaeger
  • Planned to make a Mark II of Guardian Foxtrot
  • Actually Guardian was made in Manhattan Shatterdome

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