Custom jaeger guardian foxtrot south korea by rs2studios-d6ryy2g
Guardian Foxtrot
Technical Information
Given Name Guardian Foxtrot
Nickname(s) Guardian, Fox, Wrecker, Meta Foxtrot
Launch Date July 11, 2029
Classification Mk. V
Status TBA
Country of Origin South Korea
Jaeger Specifications
Battle Specifications
Weapons Tesla Cannons

Shoulder Rockets (Packs in 10 missiles per load)

Body Language Badger
Power Moves Thundercloud
Pilots Simon Lemi

Alex Demy

Out-of-Universe information
Guardian Foxtrot is a Jaeger created by South Korea because of a response to the Korean Knifehead attack and created this death machine to fight any Category 1-9.This Jaeger is capable of killing at least 30 Kaiju at one time.


Made: July 11th 2029

Origin: South Korea

Status: Active

Nicknames: Guardian, Fox, Wrecker and Meta Foxtrot

Kaiju kills: 31


Made in: Seoul Shatterdome

Rivals: Leatherback and Ravage

Pilots: Simon Lemi and Alex Demy

Body Language: Badger

Power moves: Tesla Cannons, Shoulder rockets (Packs in 10 missiles each load) and Thundercloud


  • 2nd Jaeger that could jump and first Flexible Jaeger
  • Planned to make a Mark Vl of Guardian Foxtrot
  • Actually Guardian was made in Manhattan Shatterdome