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Hakaisha was a Category 4 Kaiju that emerged from the reopened Pacific Breach and headed towards Yokohama, Japan. 

Technical Information
Given Name Hakaisha
Breach Date December 28, 2029
Category Category IV
Status Deceased
Origin Anteverse
Kaiju Specifications
Height 359 feet (109.42 meters)
Weight 3,200 Tons
Speed 5
Strength 9
Armor 9
Battle Information
Attack Behavior City Siege: Focuses more on laying waste to cities than fighting Jaegers
Toxicity Medium
Powers Rampant Charge
Target Information
City Targeted Yokohama, Japan


Hakaisha is Category IV Kaiju. It has a cephalofoil (Hammer Head) shape head, with 2 pairs of eyes edged at the starting of each extension. While its small mouth is pale in comparison to other Kaijus, its large hulking and armoured body has and a axe-shaped bony Tail more than makes up for it.


On the 28th of Dec 2029, Hakaisha emerged from the Pacific Breach. Phoenix Delta and the brand new Colossal Slayer were sent to neutralize the threat. Colossal Slayer then engaged the kaiju with it's Chain Sword. After getting a few good hits, the kaiju managed to get the upper hand by punching the jaeger away. Phoenix Delta ran towards the kaiju, blasting it with it's Plasmacaster. Hakaisha quickly recovers from the Plasmacaster shots only to be pummeled to the ground by Colossal Slayer. Grabbing the kaiju in a headlock, Phoenix aims it's AKM Chest Launcher on to the kaiju, hitting it 4 times. It is finished off when Colossal fires it's Shoulder Mounted AKC at Hakaisha. Phoenix fired it's Plasmacaster at it once more just like what Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori did when fighting Leatherback.

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