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Harbinger is the largest category 6 kajiu seen.

Technical Information
Given Name Harbinger
Breach Date 1-24-2040
Category Vl
Status dead
Origin anteverse
Kaiju Specifications
Height 100
miles long
Weight weight- 1,000 tons
Speed 5
Strength 10
Armor 15
Battle Information
Attack Behavior charge
Toxicity 6
Powers charging, crushing
Weaknesses cut off tail and emp
Target Information
Jaegers Targeted
or Destroyed

not be confused with The Harbinger


Harbinger was so large, that the precursors need make the breach much bigger , and caused a severe earthquake. Its pyramid shaped head contained large gills, and it had 8 limbs. It is known for the large vents on its back, which pump out gas, as well as the fact that It could discharge acid from organs on the tail, as well as had one emp organ like Leatherback


Harbinger emerged from the breach in the last few months of 2040, and tried attempt to defeat humanity cities.