Herald Fury is an Australian based Jaeger based on Perth.

Features Edit

Conn-Pod Edit

The conn-pod is located at the chest, like Cherno's.

History Edit

Herald Fury started construction on January 23, 2028 and launched more than one year later, June 19, 2029. The Jaeger features Nuke blade fists. In Spin mode, the fists split the spike to four, then when used against a Kaiju, spins, making possible shreds. Nuke fists are only available in Spin Mode and can be launched. There are 3 nukes per fist.

Herald Fury was deployed on July 15, 2029 to defend the Western Australian Coastline against Razorback. HF easily beats the Kaiju in 30 minutes. One month later, Terradown emerges from the Indian Breach and attacks the West coatline once again. Terradown reaches the city, but HF defends and kills Terradown with a warhead.

The Battle of Perth happens between Herald Fury and Render Edge versus Gesta, Otachi 2.0, and Gamma. Gesta was easily killed by HF. The two charge to Otachi, but Otachi targets Render Edge and almost destroys RE. HF kills Otachi from behind, with Otachi squashing on RE. Gamma tries to charge to HF. Gamma successfully attacks HF's body. However, HF stood up and spin-fists Gamma in the throat, thus killing Gamma and saving Perth.

sadly, it was destroyed when the kajiu, xestroyer destroy the Perth shatterdome in 2045.

Kaiju Kills Edit

Razorback (Cat. 4, Solo)

Terradown (Cat. 3, Solo)

Gesta (Cat. 3, Solo)

Herald Fury
Technical Information
Given Name Herald Fury
Launch Date June 19, 2029
Classification Mark V
Status destroyed in 2045
Country of Origin Perth, Australia
Jaeger Specifications
Height 290 ft
Weight 1,925 tons
Speed 10
Strength 8
Armor 9
Battle Specifications
Equipment Anti-Poison Armor, Escape Hatches
Operating System EXX_HF-fury2.134
Energy Core 11-100 Fusion
Weapons Q.13 Rouge Spin and Knife Blades with Fury Warhead inserts

RWS-21 Overhead Mortars Fury Warheads BackJet_V4

Body Language Mixed Martial Arts
Power Moves Fury Beast Fist

Fury Beast Mortar Fury Beast Mode

Pilots Ken Arnold

Ren Arnold

Kaiju Killed 6
Out-of-Universe information

Otachi 2.0 (Cat. 5, with Render Edge)

Gamma (Cat. 2, solo)

Yuisho (Cat. 3, solo)

Krai (Cat. 7, solo)

Peligro (Cat. 4, solo)

Aribaga (Cat. 6, with Fisting Benevolence)

Scunner (cloned, Cat. 4, solo)

Taiga (Cat. 3, solo)

Dragonite (Cat. 6, solo)

Shrafi (Cat. 3, solo)

Slattern (cloned, Cat. 5, solo)

Kwiyut (Cat. 3, solo)

Rambo (Cat. 4, solo)

Trisky (Cat. 5, solo)

Tauri (Cat. 4, solo)

Qerai (Cat. 3, solo)