History Edit

Hero Rama
Technical Information
Nickname(s) The Hero and The Humblest
Launch Date November 5th, 2029
Classification Mark 2
Status Being repaired, still operational.
Country of Origin India
Jaeger Specifications
Height 254 ft tall
Weight 2,000 tons
Speed 5
Strength 7
Armor 8
Battle Specifications
Equipment Large Nuclear reactor, Distraction missiles.
Operating System Levean shen
Energy Core Nuclear reactor, electrical battery as a backup.
Weapons B.O.W. missile, Arm spikes.
Power Moves Deployed Bow missile.
Pilots The Agni twins.
Kaiju Killed 3
Out-of-Universe information
Hero Rama was a Mark 2 jaeger built at the Indian shatterdome in order to combat the recently opened breach in the southern Indian ocean. It is piloted by the Indian Agni twins, who both were trained marines and were actually not considered for the program at first, but were accepted when the two other pilots died of Brain cancer.Its first kill came with the death of the Kaiju Morbis, which it knocked out using its still prototype missile and then killed it using the arm spikes. This was the first test of The B.O.W missile.

The next Kaiju it killed was defeated with help from Nyhon No Ryu

Zolephant was heading straight for Sydney after decimating Northern new Zealand, and was going to reach it within 30 minutes. Three jaegers were deployed: The american big Green monster, The Japanese Nyhon No Ryu and the Indian Hero Rama. The jaegers were lining up into battle stance as suddenly, and unexpectedly, the Kaiju attacked from beneath the ocean. In seconds The big green monster  had a hole through its body and an explosion followed from the malfunctionin rockets. One jaeger was down, and its missile wasnt operational due to a hit from Zoelephants nose.

The jaegers were ready for anything now. They had to win this fight for Sydney.' Suddenly, a massive tentacle shot out, knocking Nyhon No Ryu off balance. Then the Kaiju finally rose out of the water, attacking Hero Rama with its tentacle. Hero Rama then used the detachable fins on his back to distract him. That gave him the crucial moment to grab him from the back and begin choking him. However the tentacle was thrashing around and would soon find a way to hit the con pond.

Suddenly, Nyhon No Ryu rose out of the water and thrust his hand into the Kaijus underbelly, pretty much burning away its lower body within 6 seconds. Nyhon had been loading the electrical burner for the past 5 minutes.Then they took the body of the old jaeger back to Sydney, possibly for repairs and to check if the pilots had survived.

The last Kaiju killed by it was Ravana. MORE TO BE ADDED LATER!!!

Specs Edit

B.O.W missile-A gigantic missile stationed in its chest that fires a huge dose of sleeping drugs into the Kaiju, slowing its nervous system down.

Arm Spikes-Sharp razor blades good for mealy attack and defense.

Nuclear reactor-Like Cherno Alphas, except less heavy.