Technical Information
Given Name Hirodura
Nickname(s) Ali
Launch Date April 9, 2020
Classification Mark 6
Status In service
Country of Origin United States
Jaeger Specifications
Height 238 feet (71.4 meters)
Weight 3455 tonnes
Speed 7
Strength 11
Armor 9
Battle Specifications
Energy Core Nuclear Vortex reactor
Weapons Roll of Quarters

Tesla fists

Body Language Three Step Boxer
Power Moves Six inch punch
Pilots Sebastian Vael
Kaiju Killed 33
Out-of-Universe information
Sebastian Vael
Biographical information
Birth name Sebastian Vael
Nickname(s) Ali

Three Step

Born April 9, 1999
Citizenship United States
Family Karai Yuhi (Wife)

Akido Vael (Son)

Physical description
Hair Matt Grey
Eyes Green
Height 5' 8" (170 cm)
Weight 85 kg
Career information
Occupation Jaeger pilot (2020 - 2039)
Rank Ranger (Gold Star)
Affiliations Square and Compass

Pan Pacific Defense Corps Mediterranean Defense corps

Out-of-Universe information

Jaeger Edit

Hirodura is a Mark six Jaeger previously retired after 2025 pulled back into duty 2027. being cover for Striker Eureka and Gipsy Danger It is the only surviving Jaeger from the 2025 breach attack.

It's The only Jaeger ever to be piloted by a single pilot as Sebastian Vael was previously given precursor DNA

during 2013 as a freemason project.

The Mark six was updated when it was deployed into the Meditteranian to defend Istanbul's coast. The Visor itself is built to give a 3-D holographic display of the terrain allowing one "to see without seeing".

The roll of quarters is an updated version of the Z-14 Tesla fists roll of nickles. the force provided is enough to shatter a category fives skull giving it the nickname Ali a reference to the boxer Mohamed Ali. Its six inch punch attack as dictated the Jaeger uses hydraulics supplemented springs to land an earth shattering blow at close range.

Pilot Edit

First War Edit

Sebastian Vael -Born April 9, 1999- Was pilot of Hirodura from 2020 to 2034 until his retirement.

From 2020 to 2024 He fought under the Square and Compass by the time he joined the Pan Pacific Defense corps he had taken down six Kaiju and in 2025 he was assigned to aid in the destruction of the breach much to the dismay of Marshal Stacker Pentacost.

Despite the marshals great hatred of the freemasonry he managed to convince the marshal of his faults and to bring Gipsy into the fight. He brought down Leatherback and Scunner in 2025 before his partial retirement until 2027.

By the destruction of the breach he was awarded the Gold Star for his achievement and his Jaeger Hirodura was Retired.

Second War Edit

Sebastian Fought between 2027 and 2034 at the age of 35. He was put out of commission with his Jaeger until 2036 where he fought and closed the breach solo in 2039 his final Retirement.

Second Kaiju War Edit

2027 Edit

He fought off the coast of Turkey against the Kaiju Shadowstrife.

2028 Edit

2028 was stable for much of the Mediterranean until the category five Kaiju, Vice, surfaced on the eve of 2029 making it the only Kaiju to attack and to be fought over two years.

Hirodura's left arm was jammed during he fight by one of Vice's cuticles. Vice's defeat ended with it's ribs caging in due to a six inch punch.

2029 Edit

In 2029 the Kaiju Aries dealt a massive sums worth of blunt damage on the Jaeger's back cutting off the Jaeger's left arm via nervous impulses. The Kaiju is ultimately defeated by a directed heat attack from the Nuclear Vortex Turbine.

2030 Edit

The Category Six Kaiju, Piston made it to land off the coast of Turkey. Hirodura, with the help of Off-Shore artillery killed the Kaiju with a crippled right leg.

2031 - 2033 Edit

Over the Span of 2031 to 2033 Hirodura would defeat three category threes, two category fives and one category four.

2034 Edit

A triple event of three category fives shocked the Medditeranean. Hirodura's pilot Sebastian Vael being able to drift with Kaiju Remotely brought all three to fight Hirodura. Hirodura lost her right arm and leg in the fight but ultimately took down all three.

Hirodura was put out of service until 2036 once its pilot recovered.

2036 - 2039 Edit

Over three years Hirodura would take down eight more Kaiju adding up to 33 Kaiju Killed in its lifetime. Hirodura closed the Mediterranean breach.

Equipment Edit

Its entire body was created out of hand folded steel using the Japanese methods used to forge a Katana making it increasingly heavy. Its power source is the only thing keeping it moving when even sixty diesel engines per muscle strand couldn't lift its fist.

Its Tesla fists are equipped with a weapon codenamed "Roll of quarters.". Roll of quarters was a set of tungsten alloy rods used to increase the power of its punches. The power these provide is enough to "carve the landscape".

The fists compliment Hirodura's body language well. Three Step Boxer is a sett of three punches. Left Hook - Right Hook - Right Uppercut. During a grapple the hydraulics boosted springs can cave in a Kaiju skull.

The thighs provide increased locomotion increasing base speed and propulsion. The increase in power meaning more stability was needed. Its calves carry Achilles tendons to balance out and it's lightweight feet account for thousands of micro-adjustments per second.

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