Kaiju by thedeath13-d6kk9xj
Technical Information
Given Name Hookarm
Breach Date may 3rd 2025
Category CAT III
Status Deceased
Origin Anteverse
Kaiju Specifications
Height 158 meters

518 feet

Weight 2,800 tons
Speed 9
Strength 7
Armor 7
Battle Information
Attack Behavior Cunning,fast, use of environment
Toxicity Low
Powers Hooked arms, jaws, blue liquid
Weaknesses underbelly
Target Information
City Targeted Melbourne and Toronto
Jaegers Targeted
or Destroyed
Blue Horse (destroyed)

Swift (destroyed) Lucky Seven (destroyed) Striker Eureka (targeted

''That's one big fucking insect!'' -  Jaeger Pilot Herc Hansen facing Hookarm for the first time.

''it isn't an soldier. It adaps, it survives. It's an animal.'' - Newton Geiszler watching Hookarm.

Hookarm is an Cat III Kaiju that emerged in 2025.

"Its Like a Hornet but could resist a Thermonuclear bomb." Gary watching Hookarm alongside Newton and Ajay.

Biology Edit

Hookarm has an triangular jaw with two large tusk on each side. Her stands on all fours, having two large forearms with hooks at the ends. She also has two more arms encased on its back which come out when threatened. She also has an long tail which has sharp spikes at the end of it. Hookarm also has an strange cannon-like hole on her back, which she fired blue liquid which slowed down her enemy. She was also noticeably only 158 meters tall.

Hookarm also shows an unbelievable form of intelligence. This is shown how she adapts to Jaegers' attacks and weaponry. She also uses the environment to her advantage by; using skyscrapers to crush Jaegers, using the water to hide, and more.

History Edit

Ocean Edit

Hookarm emerged from the breach at 11:03pm 3/5/2025 and headed towards Melbourne. An group of battleships and cruisers tried to intercept, but where completely demolished when Hookarm came out underneath them. Jaeger Blue Horse was dropped off and attacked Hookearm. After an small fight, the Jaeger fired from his plasma cannon at the Kaiju twice, but the beast used the water and ambush the machine.

Hookarm launched onto Blue Horse's shoulders and used her forearms to tear off its right arm. She then used her back arms and crush and stab in the chest. Blue Horse struggled to get her off, but the Kaiju tore the head off the Jaeger and crushed it, disabling the Jaeger and killing its pilots.

Melbourne Edit

Hookarm then made landfall and with ease destroyed the army. She demolished half the city before Jaegers Swift and Lucky Seven engaged the Kaiju in battle. Swift used it's shoulder cannon to blast her into an skyscraper, which collapsed on the beast. However, Hookarm got back up and attacked Lucky Seven, tearing at it's chest. She then used her tail and tear off half the robot's chest before Swift engaged the beast in battle.

Eventually, after being severely wounded, Hookarm used her cannon and fired the blue liquid at Swift. The machine stopped moving, so it tried to use its cannon on Hookarm. She used this to her advantage and made Swift fire at an skyscraper next to itself, and caused the building to crush the robot. The Kaiju then broke the helmet in half, killing both pilots.

Lucky Seven then engaged Hookarm in battle. Lucky grabbed her tail and flung her into an building then proceed to engage her. However, it wasn't long until Hookarm tore open Lucky's chest and exposed the nuke inside. Lucky was then torn from the inside, and although the robot was destroyed, the two pilots survived. The nuke didn't explode, but would in the next hour.

Hookarm began destroying the city in the next ten minutes before the famous Striker Eureka dropped off. Using its speed, the Jaeger rushed towards the Kaiju picked it up and began to use its knifes to cut at the beast. However, Hookarm then used her blue liquid to stop the Jaeger's arm and used her tail and damage the other arm. The Jaeger let go of the Kaiju and cut the liquid off, but Hookarm used her arms and tear at the Jaeger's chest and pushed the robot into the ground. Hookarm then used her forearms to tear at the Jaeger's elbows and used her back arms to tear at its chest. However, Striker used its chest cannons on the Kaiju, which greatly injured it and sent the beast running into the city.

Striker chased the beast, but she stayed hidden until and smacked an skyscraper onto the Jaeger. However, Striker swiftly got up. The Kaiju jumped on on the Jaeger, but the machine used its large massive knife to stab the beast into the chest then threw her into the ground before using its chest cannon it almost killed the Kaiju.

Toronto Edit

After Melbourne Hookarm targeted Toronto. During Hookarm's rampage Sierra Vigilant dropped to confront Hookarm as it swong its hand at Sierra Vigilant as Sierra Vigilant loaded the railgun 

Aftermath Edit

The destruction of Melbourne and Toronto, three Jaegers and thousands of lives caused Pan Pacific Defense Corps lots of money and eventually caused the alliance to fall. However, Striker managed to get the nuke out in time as of Luckily for Sierra Vigilant .