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Hydra Aurelius
Production Information
Country of Origin Germany, Britain, Finland
Launch Date 2049
Classification Mark 6
Status TBA
Operational Record
Pilots Aidhe Yomoflach and Indira T'haari
Fighting Style Heavy gunfighter
Kaiju Kills 14
Technical Specifications
Height 80 metres
Weight 2030 tons
Armament United Arms 55-V Shotgun
Equipment Kloude-linked nanomap system
Operating System Total Systems Humanoid Mechanism Computing, iteration TT04

Hydra Aurelius is a Mark-VI German-British-Finnish Jaeger piloted by Aidhe Yomoflach and Indira T'haari made by the remains of Hydra Corinthian. Stationed at Arctic defense Corps Central Command in Stockholm, Hydra defends Europe from Kaiju emerging from the infamous Arctic Breach and serves as a symbol of both inspiration and oppression to its charges.

Service historyEdit

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Technical overviewEdit

Hydra was the last Jaeger in the Arctic Defence Corps to be built with mechanical legs (its arms use synth-muscle) before the complete switch-over to electrodynamic


Hydra's primary weapon is its semi-automatic combat shotgun, modelled aesthetically on the United Arms 55-V, a favourite weapon of the designer. the main gun can fire standard scattershot as one would expect from a shotgun, APCC[1] slugs or incendiary rounds; its overbarrel grenade launcher attachment loads a greater variety of ammunition, tailored for various mission profiles.

Kloude-linked nanomap systemEdit

Hydra was among the first ADC combat units to make use of the now-widespread Kloude technology, which monitors the entire surrounding environment in real time at a level of fidelity unmatched by any other sensor technology.

Feeding information from the Kloude directly into the Mind-Machine Interface was not possible when Hydra was constructed due to the mess of engineering and software issues involved with early iterations of the system, and so a middleman was introduced: A miniature 3D map of the battlefield composed of a fluid mass of nanomachines within a chamber below the Conn-pod. Input from the Kloude is processed by an attached computer to rearrange the map according to the present nature of the environment; the model is then scanned separately by internal sensors which feed information directly into the pilots' brains. Contrived though this system may be it nonetheless offers the pilots total awareness of the position and movement of all physical objects within a radius of 200 metres around the Jaeger.


  1. Armour Piercing Chemical (Caustic): rounds that punch through the epidermis of a target before spraying corrosive chemicals into the interior