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Hydra Aurelius
Production Information
Country of Origin Germany-Britain-Finland
Launch Date 2029
Classification Mark Vl
Operational Record
Pilots Argus and Crystal Yomoflach
Kaiju Kills 14
Technical Specifications
Height 248 Ft
Weight 1830 tons
Operating System Hydrauic-TT04

Hydra Aurelius is a Mark-VI German-British-Finnish Jaeger piloted by Argus and Crystal Yomoflach. Stationed at Arctic defense Corps headquarters in Stockholm, Hydra defends Europe from Kaiju emerging from the infamous Arctic Breach and serves as a symbol of both inspiration and oppression to its charges.


It was destroyed when the kajiu,saturn attack Britain.



Hydra's primary weapon is its upscaled United Arms Model 55, essentially a Jaeger-sized semi-automatic combat shotgun. this can take various types of ammunition, ranging from scattershot to mass-reactive explosives to incendiary rounds; its underslung grenade launcher loads an even greater variety of ammunition.

In addition Hydra possesses Kloude technology. Using a miniature model of the battlefield at a molecular scale within a chamber below the Conn-pod; the model is constantly updated by reading the spin-states of atoms in objects in the Kloude's effective radius with an experimental electromagnetic effector and updating the spin-states of the atoms in the molecular structures representing them in the model to match. Linked into the Pons mainframe by basic psychotronics, the Kloude gives the pilots total awareness of everything happening on the battlefield up to a certain distance.

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