Technical Information
Given Name Hydrotron
Breach Date September 31, 2026
Category Category II
Status Deceased
Origin Anteverse, Mediterranean Breach
Kaiju Specifications
Height 212 feet (64.6176 meters)
Weight 1,600 Lb (725.748 kilos)
Speed 5
Strength 4
Armor 4
Battle Information
Attack Behavior Slams enemies with it's heavily armored head.
Toxicity Mild, not triggered to self-destruct
Weaknesses Long neck, belly
Target Information
City Targeted Sicily, Italy

Hydrotron was a Category II Kaiju that arived from the Anteverse from the Mediterranean breach on September 31, 2026. It failed the selection process, escaping through the breach as it was being chased for execution. It is one of the weakest Kaiju to emerge in the Second Kaiju War.


When Hydrotron was breaching, it was being chased by more powerful Kaiju that it had evaded. When it emerged, it immediately moved away from the breach, and heading straight for the island of Sicily. It arrived in a small city, and immediately began to destroy the city's skyscrapers by thrashing it's head around. It was then chased off the island by military aircraft.

When it was far off the island, Hydrotron was subjected to massive fire from the military aircraft. The Kaiju then began to slam his head around, downing many aircraft. Soon, most of the aircraft had been destroyed, with only a few left to keep the Kaiju occupied. A sole gnarled piece of metal that was sticking out of Hydrotron's chin slammed into Hydrotron's neck when the Kaiju dove into the water, decapitating it.


Soon after Hydrotron breached, stock marckets around the Mediterranean plumitted, and riots became rampant throughout many cities. Soon, many nations around the Mediterranean began to plan for any future attacks by Kaiju. Many nations came togewther to form the Pan Mediterranean Defence Corps, as a precaution against future attacks.

This attack caused San Marino to create the San Marino Shatterdome, and eventually led to the creation of the Jaeger Nuclear Mercenary.