Island Ranger is the second Jaeger of the Devastator Force, a group of 3 Jaegers dispatched to defend Hawaii from Kaiju attack.

Class: Mark II

Pilots: Nicholas and Daniel Freez

Combat history Edit

Island Ranger was created as part of the 2nd Defense Legion, a group of elite Jaegers built to protect Washington in case Kaiju somehow reached it. Ranger proved not powerful enough for this, and was repurposed as one of the Jaegers of the Devastator Force, replacing the older Sentinel Force.

When Category III and IV Kaiju Ripper and Bisect attacked Hawaii, Blue Shadow (Devastator 3) and Dark Avenger (Devastator 1) were deployed to stop them. Ranger was held in reserve. Both Kaiju attacked Blue Shadow unexpectedly, tearing him apart. In panic, the Hawaiian Defence Group (HDG), deployed Ranger. Ranger's overconfident pilots Nicholas Freez and Daniel Freez took on Bisect, the Category IV Kaiju. Island Ranger was built to take down Category II and III Kaiju, and he stood no chance against the much stronger Bisect. As he went down, Dark Avenger finished off Ripper and then took on and killed Bisect.

Features Edit

Island Ranger carries an escape pod with rotors, and also boasts shoulder rockets.