The Jaeger Launch Platform is a space station in Earth orbit that launches Jaegers into Earth's atmosphere.

History Edit

In the aftermath of the Shock Wave incident of 2029, helicopters were no longer fast enough to deliver Jaegers to respond to Kaiju attacks. The Earth Salvation Group (ESG) and the Anti-Kaiju Assault Force (AKAF) put Project Mass Response into operation in 2030. The project's results were the space-capable Jaegers and the JLP.

jaegers stationed Edit

  1. Deployee Stone

Details Edit

Currently, the JLP carries five Jaegers. It has a carrying capacity of twenty-two. The Jaegers are docked on the exterior of the station. When the station is above the site of a Kaiju attack, one or more Jaegers are disconnected from the station, and propel themselves to Earth using back-mounted rockets.