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Jaeger Squad is a cel-shaded CGI children's cartoon based on the PPDC's Jaeger Program and their battles with Kaiju that emerge from the Pacific Ocean. The show was produced by Nerd Corps Entertainment, known for its previous work with cel-shading, and though it performed averagely with its target audience compared to other shows based on Jaegers or knockoff concepts, Jaeger Squad did garner a surprisingly large adult fanbase from obsessive Jaeger flies.[1] It is also known for complex one-word titles, ones that the average child viewer would not know.[2]

Characters and CastEdit


  • Season 1
    • Commander Joshua "Jaegermeister" Torvald (voiced by ) - The commanding officer of the Shatterdome that the Jaeger Squad call home. Though Commander Torvald is very secretive about his past, he was one of the first Rangers alongside his partner Kai Vestral, whom was lost in during a battle with Charybdis in which Torvald gave the Kaiju his scar. He serves as a mentor figure throughout the series, giving advice and on rare occasions piloting a Jaeger himself. He was heavily based on the legendary PPDC Ranger Stacker Pentecost.
    • Gladys (voiced by Ellen McLain) - The Shatterdome's artificial intelligence assistant, who helps run the Shatterdome's day-to-day operations.[3]
    • Chris "Fixer" Forge (voiced by Adam Sandler) - Chief Mechanic of the Shatterdome, responsible for repairs and maintenance of the Jaegers between missions. He's regarded as somewhat eccentric by other characters, known to be very protective of and even talk to the battle machines in his care.[4]
  • Season 2
    • Sapphire Gem (voiced by ) -
    • Ruby Gem (voiced by ) -
    • A random Friendly Kaiju who helps the Jaegers.


  • Season 1
    • Fireside Striker
    • Flare Five
  • Season 2
    • Dual Hawk (the Dual Hawk in this series is 80m.)
    • Cresting Bullet


  • Season One
    • Charybdis[5] (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) - The lord and most powerful of Kaiju, Charybdis rules over an undersea empire and plots to destroy Earth and its human inhabitants. When he was younger, Charybdis more readily took part in battle himself, and during a battle with Joshua Torvald and Kai Vestral's Jaeger received a number of visible scars along his jawline. He has since become a more cunning leader, searching for dark power as a means to take his revenge. Charybdis' appearance was based on the real-world Kaiju Scourge.
  • Season Two
    • Vicious[6] Vicious was created through a fusion between a metal frame that constituted a test Jaeger nicknamed "Mecha" and a Kaiju DNA sample. The electrical short-out caused by the fuse somehow downloaded a host of schematics, including a group of pistons hidden in Mecha that enabled Vicious to shapeshift, causing the carnage seen in Runaway Train.


Only one season aired during the First Kaiju War, with the second season opening roughly three years after the end of the Second Kaiju War.

Season OneEdit

# Title Plot
126 Finality Season One ended with Finality, where Fireside Striker led the attack on the breach, accompanied by Flare Five. During the attack, three kaiju attacked the duo, leaving Flare Five to hold them off whilst Fireside hit the breach.

Fireside Striker then leapt down to the breach, where Charybdis appeared. Flare Five then reached the top of the canyon, with the kaiju all killed except one, who then lunged at Flare Five, who, along with the kaiju, fell back. Charybdis then bit Fireside Striker and twisted her, causing the damaged Jaeger to deactivate as the Conn-Pod was ripped off. Thankfully, automatic floats installed for the mission pulled it to the surface. Charybdis let go of the crippled Jaeger hulk, where it was revealed that the Plasma Backfeed Reactor's tanks had been punctured, leaving roughly twenty seconds before it exploded. Realising this, Flare Five's crew activated the Emergency Escape Floats, however, the critically damaged Jaeger was too heavy for the floats, meaning the Conn-Pod was disconnected from the Jaeger, which drifted lazily down. Flare Five's Conn-Pod cleared the canyon ledge just as the reactor exploded in Charybdis' jaws, as he had grabbed it again. The explosion destabilised the breach and seemingly killed Charybdis.

Season TwoEdit

# Title Plot
201 Ambush at Anchorage, Part One The second season opened with the two-parter Ambush at Anchorage. Ambush at Anchorage, Part One mainly featured Dual Hawk being transferred to Anchorage for destruction, as the Jaeger Program was obsolete, and introduced the Mark-6 Cresting Bullet, also slated for destruction, pointed out several times to be "Romeo Blue with three times as many fins". It ended with Dual Hawk's last test being interrupted by Charybdis, revealed to survived the Breach's nuking, proceeding to destroy the Jaeger.
202 Ambush at Anchorage, Part Two Ambush at Anchorage, Part Two began where the last episode ended, with Dual Hawk being smashed up. When she attempted to use the Bolt Striker, Charybdis smashed the graphite bolt, which ended up as a running gag in the series, along with either Ruby or Sapphire getting nearly killed and the other complaining about how that happened quadrillion times already.

Cresting Bullet then joined the fight, and the trio got to smash up half of the Jaeger Repair Facility before Charybdis was a) electrocuted lightly and b) lightly roasted, where he escaped. The Jaeger Program was reinstated.

203 Explosive Cresting Bullet and Dual Hawk were given an important assignment: Protect a cargo train.

Both Ranger teams complained about the simplicity of the mission, though they were told that the train carried "very important cargo". As the train neared the Canadian border, two Kaiju appeared and began tearing apart the train. Both Jaegers attempted to stop them, but they made for the sea. Dual Hawk attempted to fire a plasma bolt at the Kaiju's mouth, but Marshal Torvald told them not to. Out of nowhere, the second Kaiju, named Bulletwing, appeared between Dual Hawk and Hunter, the other Kaiju, prompting Dual Hawk to fire the cannon. Bulletwing then vanished, awith the plasma bolt striking Hunter in the mouth. Joshua then ordered Cresting Bullet to escape, leaving the Jaeger to scramble over the hill as a cluster bomb explosion leveled the area.

204 Panic Emily and Alex, upset by the death of Ruby and Sapphire during the cluster bomb strike in the previous episode, are scrambled to fight an unknown signature. Not Kaiju, just Anteverse. The Rangers then launch in a damaged Cresting Bullet, which took a strike to one of its fins from a submunition the previous episode, the fights it. However, it is all Cresting Bullet can do to survive as the creature takes advantage of all the Jaeger's weaknesses. In desperation, they fire three rotations of the Gatling gun into its chest, and, to their surprise, they find the creature dead in a cloud of slowing mist. As several Jumphawks circled, one remarks that "you won't believe this". They find Dual Hawk with a massive ice crystal sticking out of it from the bullet wounds.

Emily and Alex then meet in the Shatterdome's main meeting room with Josh and the heads of the Jaeger repair group. They (the repair group) reveal that the cause of Dual Hawk's power was Neutrino Spiral Gyroscopes. Marshal Torvald then remarked that "they don't need to detonate hundreds to implant them anymore".

(Ruby and Sapphire did survive the explosion, and appear in the next episode.)

205 Resurrection Dual Hawk is seen next to Cresting Bullet resetting its Plasmacaster, which had been shot at a Kaiju. Both Jaegers agree that the Kaiju is dead, though Gladys, using the more complex ASKAJDSMSWWWS, (Anchorage Shatterdome Kaiju And Jaeger Detection System Mark Seventeen With Whole World Sensors) detects the Kaiju signature resynthesising. It then leaps up, striking both Jaegers. Dual Hawk then reconfigures the Plasmacaster, though fires too early, blowing off half the targeting system. This leads to a comedy in which the plasma bolts never hit the kaiju. However, in a shot at the Kaiju, it misses, as usual, only for every sensor to record a hit. The Jaeger is then struck to the ground, revealing Charybdis. In shock, everyone stops, though Josh Torvald, through Gladys, remotely activates the Plasmacaster. As he began to tell them what to do, Charybdis' claws destroyed the embedded transmitter array in Dual Hawk's shoulder. Cresting Bullet then fired shots at point blank range into the other Kaiju. Seeing this, Ruby and Sapphire fire a shot into Charybdis' shoulder at point-blank range, destroying the gyroscope inside. Two 252mm shells from Cresting Bullet force Charybdis to retreat.

He is next seen conferring with a mysterious crab-like thing in the Kaiju Kingdom.

206 Runaway Train Ruby and Sapphire are assisting in the transport of an ASK-150 "Alaskan Pacific" steam train from Anchorage down to Los Angeles Shatterdome for transport to Boston. Whilst Emily and Alex ponder why it went to Boston via LA, Ruby and Sapphire left on the train.

However, it began to go wrong. As they travelled south, the radio vanished and began attacking them. Sapphire yells to "get the Jaeger", to which Ruby remarked that they left it in Alaska. The ensuing fight then left Vicious, impersonating the radio, bouncing along the hill as Ruby and Sapphire, having knocked him from the train engine, hurtle down. Thankfully, Cresting Bullet destroyed the tracks ahead, sending the engine section into the snowdrift and snapping the steam engine free as it collapsed into the drift.

Back at base, Ruby and Sapphire learnt about Vicious.

207 Parachute, Part One As Sapphire and Ruby go flying over the Pacific in an unauthorized mission, a Kaiju that as somehow semi-fused with Charybdis shoots down the Jaeger, and, with severe damage to the coolant containment the Jaeger is forced to splashdown. After a brief fight, cut short by heat containment failure, Charybdis grabbed the Jaeger, sinking through the Marianas Trench.

Back at base Emily tries to phone Ruby, but hits trouble when the calls fail. Eventually hooking up the phone aerial to a VHF radio, she manages to get a signal by standing on the roof. Hearing sounds similar to those heard at the end of the First Kaiju War, she realises that the Jaeger must have been taken into the Kaiju Kingdom. As she makes the connection, a Kaiju takes off part of the storage zone, throwing her into the water.

208 Parachute, Part Two Ruby wakes up in the Kaiju Kingdom, and tries to activate the Jaeger Overload, designed to detonate the power plant. It fails, and she the collapses back asleep.

Back in the Gulf of Alaska, Emily treads water as the Kaiju tries to destroy Cresting Bullet. A surge throws her into Chenega Bay, where throwing the VHF onto the floor tells her that the Cresting Bullet jump-start system was being used to initiate the CCM.

In the Kaiju Kingdom Ruby awakens on a balcony, with Dual Hawk nowhere in sight. Above she notices a crack in the roof, the connection to the planet's ocean. A group of Kaiju is seen below her, advancing on Dual Hawk. Through a gash in the visor, she sees Sapphire trying to defend against them all.

209 Parachute, Part Three Emily manages to get into the Shatterdome, as her ID card was lost in the chaos of the sea. She gets into the storage zone, unsecured due to the Kaiju, and reaches the Conn-Pod. Another door secures against access, and forcing it open, LOCCENT explodes into panic, thinking that a Kaiju had infiltrated the Jaeger.

Inside, she tells the OS to initiate the Drift sequence, locking in to the control systems. The following plasma explosion destroys the Kaiju and blows open the floor, revealing a mechanical dinosaur.

In the Kaiju Kingdom, the Jaeger has suffered critical damage, failing in several hundred ways. However, an explosion takes everyone's attention, with Cresting Bullet descending and tearing down the balcony that held Ruby. She manages to land on the mecha-dino, who proceeds to kill sevral of the Kaiju and attach to Dual Hawk, locking over a shifted Thunderstorm Arbalest. They both activate the Plasmacaster mode, destroying the Kaiju. Cresting Bullet, who had taken large amounts of damage from Charybdis, takes off, followed by Dual Hawk, who was attacking the Kingdom with shots from PROWLER.

225 Cataclysm, Part One Commander Torvald is seen in the LOCCENT, at night, with every light off, talking to the Kingdom. The Kingdom instructs Josh to implement the plan at approximately 10:17 AM the next day. Sapphire then stumbles into the LOCCENT, but Josh wipes her memory of the incident.

During the next day's Drift test, Gladys detects overload in approximately all systems. The LOCCENT crew then scramble to deactivate all systems, however Hawk emits an EMP pulse that knocks everything out. When the crew manage to see the chaos, Cresting Bullet is disintegrating into green flakes with Dual Hawk's Plasmalauncher pointed at Cresting Bullet's missing Conn-Pod. Suddenly, the Shatterdome and Kodiak Island is vaporised.

226 Cataclysm, Part Two The episode opens with a shot of New York, before it is vaporised by Dual Hawk. Green lights fly from its reactor and obliterate major political landmarks. However, in this chaos, one light accidentally falls through the Pacific Ocean and Destroys Kingdom, the Kaiju panicking as they fall apart and die. Inside the Jaeger, Ruby realises what is happening and manages to take control with Sapphire's help. Suddenly, an explosion occurs, releasing a green energy wave that restores everything, but leaving Cresting Bullet and the Shatterdome crew in the field. The Kingdom appears, duelling Dual Hawk, but a salvo from Cresting Bullet stuns him, before he dies from Kaiju Blue poisoning. Charybdis then appears, heavily damaged, but just before Dual Hawk fires a finishing shot he reveals that if he is killed, then Marshal Torvald will die as their minds are linked. The Marshal instructs the pilots to kill Charybdis, and he dies as Charybdis explodes from plasma shots to the head. Everyone celebrates the deaths of Charybdis and the Kingdom, though they mourn Torvald's death.

Friendly Kaiju


Friendly KaijuEdit

The friendly kaiju looks like below animated. He lived in the kingdom and now has medium injuries. He does not attack people. He does not have teeth. He used a lazer to kill Vicious.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. A kids show having a large adult following is something of a reference to the brony phenomenon. -Ahalosniper
  2. I think that it'd be rather funny for the series to have titles that the viewers wouldn't understand. -Anon
  3. Reference to the use of GLaDOS' familiar voice imprint in Pacific Rim.
  4. The humor in Sandler's movies is blatantly stupid, and yet on opening weekend one of his films made more money than Guillarmo del Toro's Pacific Rim. This is why the public can't have nice things. And why I'd love to see Sandler reduced to a minor voice role on a kids' television show.
  5. Actually, it's a reference to the Greek sea monster that appeared in Homer's Odyssey.
  6. I MAY change this name. Just something I came up with.