The Jaeger Squad Shorts are a series of animated shorts that aired on Wednesdays, designed to advertise Jaeger Squad.

Season OneEdit

None currently

Season TwoEdit

# Title Plot
201 We really need a better phone signal The short began with Ruby trying to access the liveGPS system, so she could check for any "random blips". It then emerged that Emily and Alex (Cresting Bullet's pilots) had also had this problem, missing many tests. Their TV also needed the mobile phone signal. The two teams then got into an argument on how to get a better signal, with Ruby and Sapphire attaching an serial to Cresting Bullet. They meet, and, trying to change the channel, knock the TV so it breaks. They realise that they still have a signal, only to rush out the massive door in time to Charybdis yanking the aerial off, saying that "the Kaiju Kingdom has a bad phone signal."
202 CAKE![1] After a long day bouncing bouncy balls of random Jaegers all four pilots go to have some cake, yet when they arrive the cake is missing. All rush to the canteen, only to find their cake missing. No cake is found anywhere in the Shatterdome, so they take the ferry to Anchorage and empty every shop of cake, only to find that all cake is being confiscated at the Shatterdome entrance, in order to stop the cake thefts. A tech then arrives, saying that all the confiscated cake has vanished. In the panic they are on their way to their room when a service robot says that Gladys wants the cake, so they flee, accidentally dropping the cake box into the Jaeger service area. All the techs then fight over the cake, destroying the cake in the fight and pummelling the robots.

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