James Scott
Biographical information
Birth name James Daniel Scott
Nickname(s) Jimmy, Jim
Born March 18, 2001

Perth, Australia

Citizenship Australian
Family Lauren Alicia Scott (sister)

Frederick Scott (father)

Physical description
Hair Dyed very dark red (almost black)
Eyes Light Brown/Orange
Height 6' (1.82 meters)
Weight 161 lbs
Career information
Jaeger Academy Class 2027
Occupation Jaeger Pilot
Rank Ranger
Strike Group Perth Shatterdome
Deployments 5
Jaegers Piloted Turqoise Echo
Partner(s) Adrienne Thompson
Out-of-Universe information
James Scott is the co-pilot of the Mark 5 Jaeger, Turqoise Echo .


Early LifeEdit

James Scott was born in Perth, Australia on May 18, 2001. He had one younger sister, Lauren Alicia Scott. He had many friends and usually enjoyed playing video games with them. He was 12 when Tresspasser attacked California.

Becoming a RangerEdit

Ever since the jaegers were invented, he always wanted to be a pilot and a hero. Sadly, he wasn't accepted until he applied to be the co-pilot for the Mark 5 Jaeger launched for the Second Kaiju War, "Turqoise Echo."