Technical Information
Given Name Gatling terminator = Mk. I
Launch Date 2016
Jaeger Specifications
Battle Specifications
Kaiju Killed 3
Out-of-Universe information
it is a Mark 1 American jaeger.

Gatling terminator was a unknown mark 1 American jaeger stationed at the anchorage shatterdome along side Romeo blue and brawler Yukon this Jaeger is unknown due to its failures in production due to mechanical failures but this didn’t change the fact that it picked up 3 Kaiju kills before its destruction in 2021, Gatling terminator is deployed along side echo saber in the Philippines December 9, 2019 against a category 4 Kaiju one of the largest 4’s ever seen the Kaiju jumps on terminator and try’s to tear off its con pod but echo saber head locks the Kaiju to the floor while terminator charges its right hand canon to kill the massive beast picking up its final kill, July 17, 2021 a catagory 4 Kaiju is headed for Vancouver Canada Gatling terminator is deployed to intercept the Kaiju in the water before it reaches shore the Kaiju jumps from out the water on to Gatlings back from underneath him and tears off terminators arm and smashes it’s head killing both pilots with in 40 seconds the jaeger is destroyed and the Kaiju is stopped and killed 15 mins later by the Canadian mark 3 Chrome brotus