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The ongoing Kaiju attacks had Humanity on its toes. They were nonstop, kaiju just kept coming, weakening the web of Humanity. Cities were being obliterated. People were dying. Jaegers, Humanities last defences, were being destroyed. But humans stayed standing, trying not to let the kaiju attacks poison them. But the kaiju were learning. They were becoming more and more intelligent as the battles went by. One particular kaiju, Brûler, was one of the first ones to demonstrate this.

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09:23 December 19, 2027

Location(s): Paris, France; North Atlantic Ocean

Jaegers Involved: Riesgo Blanco & Gipsy Danger 2.0

Kaiju Involved: Bruler

OBJECTIVE: Defend France from Bruler; Nuetralize or Capture (Optional) Bruler if Possible.

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