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The Kaiju Castle, often referred to as the Kaiju Kingdom, is the headquarters of Charybdis and the location of the Kaiju in Jaeger Squad. The terms Kaiju Castle and Kaiju Kingdom are used interchangeably.

Season OneEdit

The Kaiju KIngdom is seldom seen in the first season. It is mainly seen in Finality, when Fireside Striker is blown up on the main spire.

Season TwoEdit

The Kaiju Kingdom is seen much more in the second season, beginning with Resurrection. At the end of the episode, Charybdis was talking to a shadow, before a hologram featuring Arachnid was turned on, setting the stage for Anchorage's Arachnid. The hologram also illuminated a crab with a bunch of flesh emanating from under its shell, suggesting that the Kaiju Kingdom was actually alive.

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