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Kaiju Defense Armaments or KDA is a small group that began operations in 2030 when some people started to believe that the cost of jaegers were too expensive. They wanted to make less expensive weapons that were still powerful enough to take down kaiju. Most of their early designs had failed but they continue to slowly improve.


  • M75
  • M76
  • HL-2
  • M100 *[First successful design]
  • KDA Rail Gun
  • AKCL M1
  • AKCL M2
  • AKMG (only meant to incapacitate or distract kaiju)

Notable MembersEdit

  • Raymond Neil - Leader (b. 1988)
  • Lisa Morgan - Second in Command (b. 1988)
  • Milton Clifford - Weapon Designer (b. 2005)
  • Brian Clifford - Weapon Designer (b. 2008)

(More stuff to be added)

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