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The entire island shown from a zoomed in camera on a sattellite.

Kaiju Park 
is a tourist attraction established by British Billionaire Harry Hausen and his best friend, Ishi Rohonda. They wanted to create a profitable tourist site where people can look at exotic creatures. They came up with the idea of housing Kaiju in a Kaiju zoo. It was established in 2030, when Hausen managed to clone an Otachi using the DNA of a dead Kaiju carcass, resulting in the first man-made Kaiju. Since then, the park has 37 Kaiju exhibits across this huge island. Special plasma barriers are designed to keep Kaiju from coming in or getting out of the island. Surviellence is kept on the creatures at all times, and they are free to explore the island and are given 7 big meals a day to support their huge bodies.


The brain child of Harry Hausen and Ishi Rohonda, Kaiju Park is the only place where Kaiju are successfully kept in captivity. It is the first Kaiju zoo in history. The process begins by taking DNA samples of a dead Kaiju from a Jaeger battle and filling in the damaged DNA code to create Kaiju. This process has replaced the normal hive mind of a Kaiju, giving the creature free will. 

The park was completed construction in 2029, and the Kaiju were put on exhibit a year later. Rohonda originally wanted to make it for the rich and wealthy to be able to visit, but Hausen refused, stating everybody should be allowed to witness these amazing creatures up close. Admission into the Park is $60 for adults, $40 for the elderly, and children get in free.

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Hundun (coming soon)