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Technical Information
Kaiju Species Freaky Creature
Breach Date 15/24/7
Category Category 1
Status Unkown
Origin He came from the breach and was resurrected by kaiju cults
Kaiju Specifications
Height 130 feet
Weight 790 tons
Speed Very Slow
Strength Low
Armor Low
Battle Information
Attack Behavior An ugly bastard
Toxicity Pretty Toxic
Weaknesses Metal
Target Information
City Targeted Kaiju Cults
Jaegers Targeted
or Destroyed
Challenger Rex MK3


First Kaiju WarEdit

Karloff was the first Kaiju killed by a Jaeger, in one punch to be exact.

Second Kaiju WarEdit

He was one of the many kaiju brought back from the dead by the kaiju targeted Challenger Rex but was killed due to its saw blades.

Kaiju ParkEdit

He was also cloned for the Kaiju zoo/theme park, Kaiju Park.


Karloff had six eyes, a grotesque appearance and a large head.