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Technical Information
Category 4
Status Unknown
Kaiju Specifications
Height 600 ft
Weight 5790 tonnes
Speed 10
Strength 9
Armor 7
Battle Information
Attack Behavior Stealthy and uses surprise attacks
Toxicity High
Powers Legs, Acid, Claws, Blade elbows, Tongue, Tusks, Tail,
Weaknesses None (All around armour is same)
Target Information

Khameleon is a Category 4 Kaiju


Khameleon is capable of blending in with its surroundings so no one has ever seen what it actually looks like. In fact, it always remains camouflaged, unable to have a default colour.

It is clear however, should it have its own colour, one would see that the thing on the end of its tail resembles the mace of Sauron, only enlarged by a great amount. It has a long pointed crest on its head and fins on the sides of its head.

The beast can also unleash bursts of powerful acid from its glands. Its tongue can shoot out like a lizard's tongue and the force of the blow can tear through the armour of a Jaeger and send it flying backwards.

Each elbow is tipped with blade like protrusions and its powerful claws can tear through Jaeger armour with surprising ease. Its powerful legs are built for springing long distances and kicking Jaegers off balance like a kangaroo. The top of its back is covered with a few spikes and there is a sail running down its back. It also has axe like tusks

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