Kuvalda Volk
Kuvalda Volk
Technical Information
Given Name Kuvalda Volk
Launch Date April 20, 2026
Status Alive
Country of Origin Russia
Jaeger Specifications
Height 280ft
Weight 2,000 tons
Speed 5
Strength 10
Armor 10
Battle Specifications
Equipment T-16 Angel Wings
Operating System Red Star Gen 4
Energy Core Stun Core 13
Weapons I-20 Plasmacaster

WMB2x90 AKM Chest launcher

Body Language Dirty Boxing
Pilots Vlad Babinski

Victor Babinski

Kaiju Killed 8
Out-of-Universe information
Kuvalda Volk is a Mark 5 Jaeger that defends the coastline of Russia. Piloted by the brother duo Vlad and Victor Babinski.


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Kuvalda Volk is designed to be one of the most deadly jaegers in ranged combat and melee. sporting a head identical to Cherno Alpha's with the exception that Kuvalda Volks actually holds the conpod for its rangers giving them added protection. When the jaeger sustains too much damage, the head breaks apart revealing the conpod and allowing the rangers to use their ecape pods. Armed with the I-20 plasmacanons, Kuvalda Volk supports one of the best charge times with a bigger clip than the older modle.

Fighting StyleEdit

Kuvalda Volk employs boxing techniques in its fighting style along with more brutal and considered by some dirty tricks as well. Kuvalda Volk is one of the best melee fighters, having engaged most kaiju with its fist and winning.