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Technical Information
Kaiju Species Electric Monkey
Breach Date 24/24/7
Category Category 4
Status Unkown
Origin He came from the breach and was resurrected by kaiju cults
Kaiju Specifications
Height 234 feet
Weight 90,790 tons
Speed Very Slow
Strength High
Armor High
Battle Information
Attack Behavior A clumsy bastard
Toxicity Pretty Toxic
Weaknesses Shadow
Target Information
City Targeted Kaiju Cults
Jaegers Targeted
or Destroyed
Cherno Alpha


First Kaiju WarEdit

As with Otachi, Leatherback is one of the largest and heaviest Category IV Kaiju to make landfall. It is larger than other Kaiju types in terms of mass, though not length. Leatherback appears to walk on all fours, instead of standing upright like some other types of Kaiju. During the battle of Hong Kong, he was being beaten down by Gipsy Danger, and at one point made horny moaning noises.

He battled Gypsy Danger, Striker Eureka, Crimson Typhoon, and the Cherno Alpha. Leatherback paralyzed three of them by using an EMP built into his body.

Second Kaiju WarEdit

He was one of the many Kaiju brought back from the dead by the Kaiju cultists

Kaiju ParkEdit

He was also cloned for the Kaiju zoo/theme park, Kaiju Park.


Leatherback has six eyes, a coral like thing on his head, massive arms, and an electric EMP built on his back.