Lickard was a Category IV Kaiju that attacked Hong Kong on the 27th October 2027.

Technical Information
Given Name Lickard
Kaiju Species Acid Lizard
Breach Date N/A, never detected breaching
Category IV
Status Deceased
Origin Anteverse
Kaiju Specifications
Height 100m
Weight 3,150 tons
Speed 4
Strength 9
Armor 8
Battle Information
Attack Behavior Liquid Acid Sword
Toxicity Very severe
Powers Acid tongue
Cloaking means
Weaknesses Inside of tongue
Nose and upper lip
Target Information
City Targeted Hong Kong
Jaegers Targeted
or Destroyed
Dual Hawk


Lickard was first detected five mles off Hong Kong at noon, well past the Miracle Mile.  This threw LOCCENT into chaos, and when they tried to get Ruby and Sapphire Gem to launch, however they were on a day off and the other two Jaegers in the Shatterdome were lying damaged from a previous fight.  Lickard had made it ashore when the duo were attempting to reach the Shatterdome, and as they were about a hundred metres from the dome, Lickard unfurled its secret weapon.  It swung its tongue through several skyscapers, instantly dissolving them.  Lickard kept advancing through the city, stopping to occasionally melt the Kaiju shelters.  Dual Hawk then landed behind Lickard, and the Kaiju's tongue struck out, damaging the front armour in the Jaeger's lower-right leg. Dual Hawk turned to attack, however its pilots discovered that the saliva on Dual Hawk's leg was melting throgh the control systems. Lickard then displayed its frill, disappearing from both LOCCENT's and Dual Hawk's sensors. Lickard then slammed Dual Hawk into a skyscraper, and the collapsing rubble trapped Hawk's arm, leaving Dual Hawk defenceless. As Lickard attempted to rip out the Conn-Pod, it retracted into the Jaeger's body, and as Lickard nearly pulled out the Conn-Pod, Dual Hawk released the flywheels, vaporising Lickard's skin and boiling its internal organs, killing it.


  • Lickard's name is a combination of Lick and lizard, lick coming from its tongue and lizard its frilled lizard appearance.