"So, everyone clear on the Precursor brief?"

Everyone nodded.

"Good.  Now, as I have alrea-"


Guns pointed everywhere, most focused on Kayla.

"Are you aiming at me or him?"


A hail of bullets flew forwards; all exploded into sparks when they hit Delay's force field.

"I'll be at the Jaeger."  Delay's voice was gravelly, almost tired.  He released his grip on Kayla and transformed into her.  Kayla ran to one of LOCCENT's stations.


Maya, Grey Dawn's chief techie, answered within nine seconds.


"Lock the bay.  NOW!"

Maya did so and hung back.  In seconds, Delay had reached it, focusing the forcefield into a spear.


The door burst open and shrapnel flew everywhere.  Three techs were injured by the blast; one was pitched over the rail and into Grey Dawn's Reactor Turbine, ending his life quickly.  Delay ripped open the door and advanced, destroying bullets as he went.

In the Anteverse, the Ruling Council, five Cardinal Precursors, met.

"We can all agree that Delay has done well," Alpha began, "but he is displaying extraordinary use of his powers.  Perhaps it would be wise to terminate him, to prevent him rivalling us."

"His current mission is powerful and well done.  Maybe we could use Secutor."


Delay paused, his mind locked still by Secutor attacking.  Finally Secutor took over, continuing his mission.  Maya and the others were panicking.  Energy weapons simply strengthened a neurological field that could lock into differing shapes.  Suddenly, a platform broke from the wall and reconfigured into a slope that went to the Conn-Pod.

"LOCCENT!  Hostile in confirmed maneuver to Conn-Pod!  All lock systems failing, we suspect he is taking control of Grey Dawn."

Inside the LOCCENT, Eleanor looked at some code.  "So, basically, whenever we activate this it'll electrocute anything in the Conn-Pod?"

"Yep, along with the Conn-Pod."

Delay walked into the Conn-Pod unchallenged.  However, when a few fools with plasma rifles tried to strike they were quickly murdered with jabs.  What he did not expect, was the a) low ceiling and b) massive electrical shock.


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