Every siren in the city sounded, blaring out the beginnings of a hell that was a Kaiju attack. I didn't know how long it was since one had struck Cairns. But I did know to get to the shelters.

"Kaiju, Category Four-Alpha. Codename: Spireclaw."

Spireclaw? That was a new one.

"Shelters on Martyn Street/Upward Street roundab-"

A dazzling explosion sprouted. 🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩 "Grey Dawn, we are commencing launch in ninety-seven seconds."

"Launch?! To hell with launching that thing! Last time we did it we wiped out seventeen square miles of the Barrier Reef!"

"We have no choice. Maelstrom Launcher calibrating."

Kayla turned. "We have to get inside."

"No! We'd be blown up in the shock wave."

A blast from the Plasmacaster bounced off Spireclaw's shield and exploded in Cairns, a lone shot as Grey Dawn, lying on the Wonderdome's wing, tried to survive. 🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩 I was knocked over as a wave of blue energy surged up the hillside. As I was still on the waterfront, near my school, I saw the Kaiju stagger under the force of the energy, then die as it collapsed under the weight of holographic hexagons. A massive boat rose from the water, wings hovering over the water. 🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩🁩 The Wonderdome had launched. Somehow, it had worked and killed the Kaiju. Kayla and Eleanor did not know or care how it happened, just that it had.

"They did it. They actually did it."

CONTINUED IN Battle of Grey Dawn!

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