Kayla held the plasmacaster steady, the energy drives shunting quadrillions of volts out into the sea.

"Man, we could roast sharks!"

Kayla was unimpressed at Eleanor's joke. "Yes, but it keeps roasting us!"

That was one of the problems with using a plasma-less IB-22 Plasmacaster. It released electric bolts, zapping everything in range, and that often meant that the Rangers were hit. Thankfully, Jaegers were designed like lightning rods.

"OK, Alpha, that appears to be done. We'll light it up for you."

Five minutes later the Jaeger was swimming over the ship to do some more welding.


"What was that?"

"It's Kaiju, Kayla! Go, go, go!"

Kayla and Eleanor jettisoned the underwater manouvering pack. It was useless when trying to cross the Shatterdome quickly, but there were high speed thrusters underneath. Grey Dawn raced over wings and reached the stern of the ship, but before the tail, where the Jaeger launch bays were.

They were locked.

"Alpha, Alpha, we can't enter!"

No signal. Grey Dawn navigated to under the craft, where all the random exhaust vents were. Bubbles thundered round the Jaeger, nearly rndering the thrusters useless, but a plasma conduit plugged into Grey Dawn's hand sufficed to fill the resevoirs.

"Kayla, the resevoirs are at ninety-nine percent and holding."

"Let's do this, Ellie."

The Jaeger sank in an explosion of light, before roaring up to engage.


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