Name Luca Howell
Birth October 5th, 1993
Status Alive
Occupation K-Watch (K-Science Division)

Early Life Edit

Luca Howell was born in Brooklyn, New York to Jim Howell, an American, and an unknown mother, on October 5th, 1993. When the first Kaiju attack hit, when he was 20, he was in college, studying sciences and math mainly. He excelled in most of these fields. Soon after finishing extensive college, he applied for a high position in the K-Science division of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps, but was bumped down to K-Watch because Newton Geiszler had more seniority at that point, be it only by a few years.

Personality Edit

Luca is often classified as a Kaiju groupie, being enthusiastic about the creatures and wanting to research them, much like Newton. He is work-oriented but likes to crack jokes. He doesn't like holding grudges but he has a deep-seated dislike towards Newton and even Hermann for taking away his chance to be more informed about the Kaiju anatomy and pattern of attack. He can be closed-off at times, depressed at what he sees as a failure to accomplish his goal of being recognized in the K-Science division.

Attributes/Abilities Edit

Luca is experienced in Cryptozoology (much like Newton) and is an amateur mathematician. His intellect is slightly above average and he has no fighting skills. He is skinny and has light brown skin and glasses, which he frequently forgoes for contacts. He has green eyes and freckles, and curly dark brown hair.

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