Lupo Knight
Technical Information
Given Name Lupo Knight
Launch Date August 14, 2027
Classification Mark 6
Status Active
Country of Origin Italy
Jaeger Specifications
Height 250ft
Weight 1,750
Speed 12
Strength 9
Armor 6
Battle Specifications
Equipment TY/Escape Hatch

T-16 Angel Wings

Operating System Blue Spark Gen 4
Energy Core X-100 Fusion Reactor
Weapons Assault Mount 3.25 "Sting-Blade"

GD6 Chain Sword

Body Language The Agile Knight
Power Moves Fenrir's Tail and Fenrir's Fang
Pilots Calvin Lyons

Elizabeth Lyons

Kaiju Killed 7
Out-of-Universe information
Appears in Second Kaiju War
Lupo Knight is a Mark 6 Jaeger built to protect Italy from the threat of Kaijus. It is housed with in the Sicily Shatterdome ready for any threat. It is piloted by the American cousins Calvin Lyons and Elizabeth Lyons.


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Lupo Knight is designed to be fast and capable of performing evasive maneuvers on the spot.  The right arm is equipped with a GD6 Chain Sword that has been modified to elongate farther than it was designed to as well as an upper arm that is made to be flexible.  The left arm is equipped with the Assault Mount 3.25 code named "Sting-Blade" along with a high defense upper arm for that side as to help with the defense.  With the combination of the legs and the T-16 Angel Wings it is well known for its maneuverability and speed.

Fighting StyleEdit

The fighting style is mostly consisting of dodging all attack that come its way, waiting for an opening to strike back.  The GD6 Chain Sword is on the faster side so that it can have a fast and long reach.  The "Sting-Blade" is equipped to the higher defensed side and is used to block attacks as well as create an opening and counter-strike.  It may jump above the Kaiju and slash at it real fast while in the air.  It has a power move called Fenrir's Tail and Fenrir's Fang, it elongates the Chain Sword and wrap it around the Kaiju and grasp the end in the same hand.  It pulls the Kaiju towards it and impales it with the "Sting-Blade" ultimately killing the beast.


Lupo Knight2

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