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Magnapyritor comes from the Latin for 'Great Fire'. This super predator has the vicious intelligence of dolphins with the sturdy defensive make-up of a Dimetrodon.

History Edit

Under the guise of "environmental research", a Monarch team established a quarantine zone around a part of the Australian outback. Over the years, the zone grew from a small scientific outpost into a full containment facility around the resting place of the Magnapyritor.

When a hypnotised Blue disabled most of Torrington Base's security with a sophisticated virus, the Magnapyritor that were able to roam the island freely.  Upon eating several guards that were observing her former resting place, the pelycosaur escaped her prison and attacked Torrington Base during the eco terrorist attack and fought the Diloranosaurus to a standstill. It turns it's attention on the heavily damaged Glasvalabolas Tanker and crushes it's Conn-Pod, killing the pilots and destroying the Jaeger.

Biology Edit

Magnapyritor is a quadrapedal reptilian creature with sharp spines connected by a sail-like membrane, as well as a long, prehensile tail. He has a stout yet muscular, sturdy body. Several aspects of his appearance noticeably resemble that of a Dimetrodon, particularly his sails and his heads. His jaw possess two rows of serrated, razor-sharp teeth. He has four digits in total of each foot, with the thumb being the smallest digit and the rest of the digits being larger and of the same size, and a prominent bony spike protrudes out of each of their elbows. The thorny, toothlike structures of his inner mouths somewhat resemble that of a leatherback turtle's. Additionally, he can spew flames from his mouth.