Biographical information
Birth name Marina Electron Precursor[1]
Nickname(s) Electron
Born 18997986 BC
Citizenship Anteverse -Location Alpha-Beta
Family Alexander Precursor (deceased)
Holly Precursor (deceased)
Physical description
Hair Precursors do not have hair
Eyes Light blue (like they are lit up with LEDs) with a very dark blue iris - same as with any Precursor.
Height 3 metres
Weight 374 lbs
Career information
Occupation Kaiju Pilot/ Synchronizer Tech
Rank Ambassador
Out-of-Universe information
Marina was a Precursor present during the First and Second Kaiju Wars (And third... and fourth... for however long there are Kaiju Wars).

Early LifeEdit

Not much happened during Marina's early life, apart from the Sicarian Swarm Attack and her work on the Synchronizer. Often, after school, she would end up visiting the Synchronizer area, and ended learning lots about it. When she was eleven she actually pointed out that "the gimbal control pin connects through point seventeen, not 512."


During her gap year, Marina, along with some friends, ended up trekking to Kaijus Mons.  Whilst there, they managed to retrieve a piece of DNA from a fossil of Kaijus Cuttus, which ended up being backed up so many times seventeen KaijUSB[2] sticks were filled with it; all but three were destroyed when, on the way back, Gipsy Danger exploded inside Location Alpha; the resultant debris took out half of Kaijus Mons, wrecking the fossil and leaving the group of trekkers scattered and bruised; all made it to Location Beta safely, where refugees were being treated.


When Location Alpha was being rebuilt, one of the techs who had come to Location Beta to study the setup of their Synchronizer asked Marina to see if she could try and rebuild Alpha's.  It only took her thirteen days to rebuild it, and in the process she accidentally caused Alpha-Beta's (the name of the new Location Alpha) command comittee to meet to discuss the alarming lack of chocolate cake in the new city.

About two years after Gipsy Danger, a new Kaiju, Impact, which was a modified version of Slattern with DNA from Kaijus Cuttus inserted into the tail's DNA was prepped to be released.  However, the electronic system, as it was relatively untested, failed and released Impact.  It demolished the bridge which Impact's pilot was on, sending him over the edge before being eaten by Impact.  Seeing Impact rampage past, she managed to reach the Synchronizer's entrance, which was covered in debris, and get inside.  Once there, she accidentally gained control of the Kaiju and destroyed several jets before approximately seventeen Sidewinder missiles simultaneously detonated in its mouth.  Despite the relative failure of the Kaiju, Marina was funnelled into the Kaiju Academy due to her relative success at piloting Impact.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. Every Precursor's surname is Precursor. :)
  2. Get it? KaijUSB? Kaiju USB?

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