The Mark IX Jaegers are highly advanced space-capable Jaegers. They are one of the results of Project Mass Response, the other being the Jaeger Launch Platform. Most are stationed on either the JLP or Moonbase I.

History Edit

The Mark IX Jaegers were built in 2030 as one of the results of Project Mass Response. A prototype was launched from the JLP against the Kaiju Spinecrusher, which it successfully defeated. Over the course of three years, Mark IX Jaegers have killed a total of one hundred ninety-eight Kaiju, ranging from Category III to Category VI. Only two Mark IX Jaegers have ever been destroyed in battle.

Details Edit

Most Mark IX Jaegers are stationed on the JLP, where they are attached to the exterior of the station. When the JLP arrives over the site of a Kaiju attack, the Jaegers launch themselves from the station via back-mounted boosters. They enter the atmosphere and land on the surface,


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