Maroon Crusade
Technical Information
Nickname(s) The silver knight
Launch Date 2027
Classification Mark-V
Status Retired
Country of Origin Mexico
Jaeger Specifications
Height 280ft
Weight 2,312 Tons
Speed 10
Strength 10
Armor 7
Battle Specifications
Weapons Mortar cannons, Plasma cannon, chainsword
Power Moves Mortar barrage
Pilots Trevin and Addy baldazo
Kaiju Killed 15
Out-of-Universe information
Appears in 2nd Kaiju war
Maroon crusade is a Mark 5 jaeger piloted by Husband and Wife duo Trevin and Addy baldazo. It was launched back in 2027 earning 15 kaiju kills. Similar to Coyote Tango but with more speed and power it has wiped out that likes of many kaiju The country of origin Is Mexico. It was retired after the second Kaiju war as one of the surviving Jaegers. The status of the couple who piloted it remains unknown. The two Had a strong drift connection which made them unstoppable when fighting Overgrown giant lizards. It was nearly destroyed in their final battle against the Kaiju along with The Marine crusader it's nickname is the knight from the old crusades and it's main battle weapon is it's built in sword and shield. During the second kaiju war Travis and Addy witnessed the fall of a comrade which Travis was angered and nearly destroyed Maroon crusade avenging his comrade. The best friend duo guard the South american and north american Coast line they either try to win or die trying like the Russian rangers. like coyote tango it has two mortar cannons on it's back as a last resort weapon. Like Gipsy danger it has a plasma cannon for long range combat.When the third kaiju war popped up The maroon crusade was the first on the front line. This time they added a little bit of shielding so the Maroon crusade has 10 speed and power but 7 armor.

Early combat History Edit

Around 3:00 in the morning An unknown Kaiju emerged from the Breach and the Maroon crusade was first on the scene Along with Katana Echo in a two Jaeger team Drop and the two Destroyed The kaiju. It has teamed up with many Jaegers around the world Helping out with spec Ops.

pacific rim 2 Edit

the last line of defence Edit

one the few mark 5 jaegers that protect singapore on 6/1/ was destroyed by jawblade by destroy the mortar cannons and arms during the last line of defence.