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Matador Fury was a mark III Mexican jaeger stationed at the Tokyo Shatterdome. The first mark III jaeger to be completed, Matador defended the South American coastline from kaiju attack until its destruction in early 2024.

History Edit

Early Combat History Edit

Matador Fury was launched on January 9, 2017 as the first unit in the mark III line of jaegers. She was stationed at the Lima Shatterdome along with Diablo Intercept and Solar Prophet. Designed as the first and last jaeger with a nuclear ejection system, Matador Fury could technically still incinerate kaiju, even if her reactor was breached and due to the danger of this rather "explosive" system and politicians twiddling their thumbs, plus a hefty amount of bureaucracy, Matador was to be only deployed in remote areas, intercepting kaiju in an "early-engagement." This led to both pilots being separated from their fellow Lima Shatterdome colleagues and giving Matador an almost "mysterious" persona for a jaeger. Surprisingly Matador managed to rack up an impressive kill count of four kaiju, three being solo missions before her destruction in early 2024.


November 3, 2017's Galapagos Island Tsunami signaled the arrival of the category II kaiju Payara. The sabertoothed monstrosity cruised around multiple islands in the archipelago before disappearing off the radar, leading to mass hysteria and public outcry within multiple countries and territories.