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Mecha-Chuck is a Mark 5 Australian Jaeger stationed in the Hong Kong Shatterdome.

Technical Information
Given Name Mecha-Chuck
Nickname(s) Mecha Chuck Hansen
Launch Date Classified
Classification Mark 5
Status Active
Country of Origin Hong Kong
Jaeger Specifications
Height 4 feet (1.21 meters)
Weight 300 lbs
Speed 8
Strength 7
Armor 11
Battle Specifications
Equipment WTH38 Robot Wheels

M1.5 Quadruple Cup Holder

T20 Voice Box

Energy Core MK1 "I LOVE HERC HANSEN" Energy Core
Weapons 4.211 "Mini Stick-Like Brass Knuckles"

IH80 Plasmacaster

M134 Minigun

AA-12 (32 round magazine, frag shell)



Body Language Chuck Hansen
Pilots Chuck Hansen's Soul/Heart/Spirit
Kaiju Killed 2
Out-of-Universe information


After the Battle of the Breach, in which Chuck Hansen did not return from, Herc Hansen suffered from a rather severe bout of depression. After about a week of hearing constant sobbing and crying coming from the room next door, Tendo Choi made it his mission to either cheer up Herc or find a way to get him to shut the hell up at night. 

This lead to the recruitment of...

  • Mako Mori, a Jaeger and robotics engineer.
  • Newton Geiszler, a great source of comedic relief and various things to do with Kaiju guts.
  • Hermann Gottlieb, a mathmetician and generally useless fellow kept around to make sure Newton didn't do anything stupider than normal.
  • Dude From LOCCENT, who happened to actually be good at certain things needed in the plan, such as cup-holder sizing, and minigun ammunition space.
  • And Larry. Nobody knows why Larry was there. 


Tendo gathered around his fellow officers, having resorted to bribing some of them with chocolate (MAKO), blue-coloured steak (NEWTON), free calculators (HERMANN), a new chair (DUDE), and filled them in on his plan. In order to stop Herc from being so... loud... about his son's death, Tendo suggested what only three men had suggested before. 


Larry was the first to object, seeing nothing wrong with the plan other than Tendo's rushed scribbles and Newton's Kaiju vinyl paint job plans. This lead to a great uproar among the others, and delayed the project for five minutes as Herc walked past. A recording has been salvaged from the event, and is displayed here.

Recording One:Edit

Herc entered LOCCENT, armed to the teeth with paperwork, coffee, and a bagel. The look on his face does not suggest happiness. 

Mako, in a desperate ploy to prevent the new Marshal from walking into the table, tackles him to the side. This spills the coffee all over the paperwork, gives all three of them huge amounts of paper cuts, and Larry takes a bagel to the nuts. 

Tendo covers up the plans for Mecha-Chuck with the first paper-like item he can get his hands on. This, unfortunately, is Newton's Naughty-Kaiju-Art Collection. Fortunately, it is not Slattern on top of the table, but rather a stylists rendition of Leatherback standing menacingly behind Otachi.

To prevent even more discomfort, Dude places his mousepad thingy overtop of the R18 section of the image as though the Windows icon is now censorship. This Double Event leaves Newton yelling things like "Double-You Tee Eff, Bro!" and Hermann replying with a brute force trauma act from his walking stick. 

The third party suffering from paper cuts was known as Larry.



It took about three weeks. Especially since Dude had to somehow gather Chuck's memories from Herc without raising suspicion. A cunning plan was devised where Mako offered to let Herc Drift with Max while not in a Jaeger, so that they could chase RABITs together and relive Chuck's life. 

After the first Drift with Max ended in a barking mad Marshal (literally), Herc decided to Drift with the computer instead. Since it wasn't a Jaeger there was no risk of neural overload and so Dude sucessfully gathered all of Chuck's memories without Herc being any wise. In fact, after the Drift with Max, many team members were convinced Herc's IQ had actually dropped a couple of numbers. 

The Shatterdome has now had all fire-hydrant like structures removed, no matter what the Marshal had to say about it. 

The Importance of LarryEdit

It was only revealed after Mecha-Chuck was built that Larry was the one who had access to Chuck's heart, mind, spirit, and soul. Nobody knows how. He just does.

Dude's Additional WeaponsEdit

Since Dude knew he was the Lord of the Hammerspace, he took action and proceeded to add a GAU-8, MAAWS, and a giant cannon.

Meeting HercEdit

Mecha-Chuck was proudly unveiled to Herc in LOCCENT on something-or-other day so-and-so months after the Breach had collapsed. His first words were in a very robotic voice, as his voice-synthisisers had yet to fully calibrate. But they were, and forever remembered:


Ufortunately Herc was not very pleased or confident with this plan. But, when Mecha-Chuck managed to kill his first Kaiju solo, The Wimp, Herc shed a lotta tears and accepted the Mecha-Chuck as his son. He then on treated Mecha-Chuck like he had never treated his Human-Chuck, showing care an affection for the Chuck that never realised he should hold hard feelings towards his parental unit. 

The Aftermath of Mecha-Chuck Edit

Raleigh demanded to know why nobody thought of building him a Mecha-Yancy. TO BE CONTINUED!!!

The Aftermath of the Mecha-Yancy IncidentEdit

Mecha-Yancy and Mecha-Chuck are the future pilots of Mecha-Jaeger, a fusion of Striker Eureka and Gipsy Danger that defies all logic and somehow is classed as Grid Jaeger instead of a Hong Kong Jaeger. Even Herc is unsure how the heck this happened. 



Oh dear lord when will this Mecha-Madness end...

Other Mecha-PeopleEdit

  • Mecha-Sasha
  • Mecha-Aleksis
  • Mecha-Joe (one of the workers from the Wall that died)
  • Mecha-Larry
  • Mecha-Triplets
  • Mecha-Tamsin
  • Mecha-Fred (one of the workers from the Wall that died)
  • Mecha-Manfred (one of the workers from the Wall that died)
  • Mehca-Hannibal
  • And last but not least. MECHA-MECHA!



  • IOU Coffee-Digestion stomach-unit
  • T-23 "Bendy Suckas" class elbow motors
  • ZVX-7 Strobe-lighting Visual Accessoriser Cameroid units
  • Wig (optional)
  • ATMS (All-Terrain-Minus-Stairs) MK-19 movement treads
  • ZEDEX-9000 Mega-Super-Extreme Computationally-Unneeded-Protocol-Heralding-Overloader-Leveraging-Device-Error-Reivisioner. AKA, the CUPHOLDER. 
  • Fingernail polish dispenser (located in left armpit servo)

Kaiju KilledEdit

Here is the list of Mecha-Chuck's Kaiju Kills:

  1. The Wimp
  2. Why?ju
  3. Crackon

Gallery of Mecha-Chuck Related ThingsEdit

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