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Technical Information
Given Name Mecha-Yancy
Nickname(s) Yancy
Launch Date Uhhh... probably a few years after Mecha-Chuck?
Classification Mecha-Highschool Dropout
Status It's... ALLLIIIIVVVEEEE!!!!
Country of Origin Hong Kong Shatterdome
Jaeger Specifications
Height Same as Mecha-Chuck
Weight Same as Mecha-Chuck
Speed Uglier than Mecha-Chuck
Strength Meh.
Armor Pfft.
Battle Specifications
Equipment Nothing much yet.
Operating System Big-Bro 97X

Don't-Get-Cocky All-Terrain Tread-Handling System

Energy Core COFFEE
Weapons Overprotectiveness
Body Language Metal Big-Overprotective-Brother
Power Moves Sentence-Hanging Fin-
Out-of-Universe information


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