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Megakame was a category VI Kaiju that was known for its unique turtle- like appearence and its ability to curl up into a protective, yet destructive ball.

Technical Information
Kaiju Species Protective turtle
Breach Date 09/27/2035
Category Category VI
Status Unknown
Origin He came from the breach and was resurrected by kaiju cults
Kaiju Specifications
Height 250 ft
Weight 27,000 tons
Speed Very slow
Strength Medium
Armor Very high
Battle Information
Attack Behavior sluggish, yet he can land a very deadly blow if caught ungaurded.
Toxicity Almost none
Powers Medium high
Weaknesses Underbelly, armpits.
Target Information
City Targeted New Orleans
Jaegers Targeted
or Destroyed
Unknown(2037) Rust raptor (2039)


second Kaiju war

 Megakame was one of the heaviest Kaiju to ever make land in the Kaiju war. It stood up on its two hind legs, however, it would occasionaly get down on all fours to headbutt, bite a Jaeger's leg, or to protect itself. It was one of the largest Kaiju ever recorded.

Second Kaiju war

Megakame was resurected like how most Kaiju where, but was destroyed quickly after a Unknown jaeger which is looks like Raven Prime


Megakame's shell was made up of very durable and hardy keratin. It covered his sides, back and tail. His arms, legs, and forehead was covered with scales made up of less hard and durable keratin. His weak underbelly was a critical area to be injured in, and death was near certain if it was injured to badly. His chin was also a weak area, but it was harder to target and hit. long claws and teeth could rip through Jeager armor like a tin can. Its four eyes help it prevent incoming Jeager attacks.