Technical Information
Given Name Merosaurus
Kaiju Species Leviathan Morph
Breach Date July 16, 2031
Category Category IV
Status Deceased
Origin Anteverse, Mediterranean Breach
Kaiju Specifications
Height 926 feet
Weight 4,700 Lb
Speed 6
Strength 8
Armor 5
Battle Information
Attack Behavior Slashes randomly at movement
Toxicity Considerable
Powers Considerable
Weaknesses Under the head, gut, and the fact that if an object is not moving, Merosaurus cannot see it
Target Information
City Targeted San Marino, San Marino
Jaegers Targeted
or Destroyed
Nuclear Mercenary

Merosaurus was a Category IV Kaiju that emerged from the Mediterranean Breach on July 16, 2031. It was one of the strongest Kaiju to emerge from the Mediterranean Breach, and it is thought that Merosaurus's great size destabilized the Mediterranean Breach. Merosaurus is also the first Kaiju to be fought and killed by Nuclear Mercenary. It is mostly water-based.

Breach and AttackEdit

Breach DetailsEdit

Merosaurus exited the breach at 3:29 AM Local Time on July 16, 2031. It thrashed around underwater, until it was chased down by Algerian subrarines. The submarines were destroyed, with Merosaurus receving almost no damage. Merosaurus then sacked many small islands, moving it's way up the eastern Italian coastline. Then, it reached a break in the rocks, where it spilt over. 

Around this time, there was a group of trawlers, trying to capture fish and anything else that got into the nets. Merosaurus saw them, and chased them back to home port. When it arrived, it caused panic in the seaside towns. It then progressed to attack many cities around the coast.

Fight with Nuclear MercenaryEdit

Eventually, Merosaurus arrived at San Marino. It actually attacked the mountains around the city, and was almost able to break through. Then, Nuclear Mercenary emerged from the San Marino Shatterdome, and began to charge it's Plasma Cannon. Attracted by the movement, Merosaurus sliced at the Jaeger's cannon, disabling it. Emergency Systems caused the Jaeger to stop moving, confising the Kaiju. It circled the Jaeger, trying to figure out where it went. After the power systems came back on, the Jaeger waited for the Kaiju to more right in front of it. Then, the Jaeger lunged forward at the Kaiju, killing it, but not destroying it.

Study and DriftEdit

Soon after the battle, the Kaiju was dragged back to the Shatterdome for study. As most scientists around the world did, a group of staff volunteered to drift with the Kaiju. When they did, they discovered that the Precursors were beginning to loose support for the Kaiju program, and that Jaegers were being built by the Precursors to combat the Human Jaegers. It was also discovered that the Precursors were beginning to plan the creation of new breaches, and that the new breaches would be on land, as opposed to water.