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The Mk.18K "Gulak" is the PPDC's fifth line of mass-produced mechs. Widely regarded as the most versatile mass-produced jaeger, it served as the enforcers of the PPDC fleet.

History Edit

The Mk.18 Geronimo was eventually replaced by the Mk.22 Griffin for ground combat. With the debut of the Mk.22 and the GPM-89 Sentinel, the Mk.18K was largely regarded as obsolete and the Mk.22 became the new frontline Jaeger. Lastly, the OSS-141EZ Maganac had all but sealed the Mk.18's fate due to its high-performance and ability to use plasma weaponry. However, despite the fact that the PPDC had developed more powerful Jaeger, they produced a more versatile version of the Mk.18 named the Mk.18K Gulak. It became widely used throughout Tier-2 Squadrons in the PPDC due to it's modular weapons systems which allowed it to adapt to any mission.

Features Edit

The Mk.18K Early Production Type was heavily armored, which made it heavy and difficult to maneuver. However, further research and development would lead to the creation of a lighter, improved model designated the MK.18K Gulak. The Gulak would quickly become the definitive combat Jaeger, and all future variants would begin from the Mk.18K as a baseline. The Gulak lacks the radiation shielding of its predecessor, the MK-18 Geronimo.

PPDC Officials saw great potential within the unit for having it perform in various mission roles. Geissele Custom Mechanics produced successful designs, decent designs, and utter failures from the basic MK-18K design. Vice Admiral Sydney Tei piloted a commander version of the aerial setting, which she took out into the Torrington battle. Her unit had missile packs, Plasma Grenades, and lastly, a gigantic Heat Axe.