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The Monarch Project is a scientific exploration commisioned by the Arctic Defense Corps shortly before the Second Kaiju War, intended as an exploration into the use of psychic individuals and groups as pilots to enhance the combat capablility of Jaegers.

Jaegers created for use in the Monarch ProjectEdit

Chrono Monarch was the first Jaeger designed for the project, constructed in 2026. It is an exploration into the use of psychic potential as an offensive weapon while the individual is part of a Drift.

Vector Monarch explored how psychic potential in individuals could stengthen the neural handshake.

Prophet Monarch, the most controversial of the 3, studied whether a single pilot could successfully Drift alone and achieve the same results as a standard layout when the individual in question had psyhic potential. In this field it was a resounding success, though it is infamous throughout the Jaeger Program due to the nature of its pilot.