The "Glorious Queen"
Technical Information
Kaiju Species Tamed Beast
Breach Date None
Category Class 5
Status Tamed
Origin Japan
Kaiju Specifications
Height 600 feet wingspan feet
Weight 3,000 tons
Speed 10
Strength 2
Armor 2
Battle Information
Attack Behavior tactical
Toxicity None
Powers Flight
Target Information
City Targeted Tokyo
Jaegers Targeted
or Destroyed

Mothra is a tame Class 5 Kaiju encountered in Tokyo with 2 other now tame Kaiju.


Mothra was one of 3 Kaiju who attacked Tokyo at the same time. The others being Rodan and Godzilla. All 3 were detained in infancy so taming was possible. Mothra was named the Glorious Queen by it's captors. Mothra was described as gentle and shy compared to it's more rambunctious "brothers".

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