Technical Information
Given Name Nemesis
Breach Date February 25, 2040
Category I
Status Deceased
Origin Anteverse
Kaiju Specifications
Height 189 feet
Weight 1500 tons
Speed 9
Strength 7
Armor 5
Battle Information
Attack Behavior Predatory hit-and-run maneuvers
Toxicity Medium
Powers Increased agility, claws and teeth can cut through metal easily
Target Information
City Targeted Washington D.C.,
Jaegers Targeted
or Destroyed
azure defiant

Nemesis is a Category I Kaiju and the first of its kind to return to Earth after the end of the first Kaiju War. It attacked Washington D.C. on February 26, 2040 and continued to rampage unabated for two days before being defeated by Azure Defiant.


Nemesis has a lithe, quadrupedal body similar to a reptile designed for speed both on land and underwater. It has long limbs tipped with claws that can tear through a Jaeger's armor easily, and this allows it to circle around Jaegers to make quick slashes and pounces. It has foldable membranes on its long tail for underwater propulsion, making it one of the fastest Kaiju ever. The tail can also be used to whip at a Jaeger and knock it off its feet. It has a bioluminescent green pattern across its body, in the form of crescent shaped marks running down its neck, body and tail. Nemesis' jaws are powerful, able to chomp through metal quickly. In combination with its speed, this makes the creature much more deadly.


Nemesis surfaced from the Atlantic Breach on February 25 and was first noticed by a cargo ship 350 km north of the Breach. The US Coast Guard investigated the sighting and reported it to the Navy. Two submarines were sent to intercept the Kaiju before it reached Chesapeake Bay, but they failed to stop it and the creature made landfall. At this point, the military attempted delay its warpath towards D.C. using jets and artillery bombardment, but also failed. D.C. was evacuated and the creature rampaged across the District, devastating whole city blocks as the military stood helpless.

This rampage would go on for two days until the arrival of Azure Defiant all the way from japan.the kajiu was defeated in the end.