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Night Wraith
Technical Information
Breach Date 22nd August 2034
Category Category V
Status Deceased
Origin Antverse
Kaiju Specifications
Height 350 ft. (106.7m)
Weight 3,500 tons
Speed 10
Strength 8
Armor 10
Battle Information
Powers Liquid Toxification
Target Information

Night Wraith is a Cat V Kaiju that breached in the Pacific Ocean. It was one of the four Kaijus that participated in the catastrophic event known as 'Blighting Death'.

Biology Edit

Resembling a horrific cross between a seagull and a manta ray, Night Wraith would have been the weakest among the Category V that ever breached into our world if not for its ability to turn water into a jet black substance that is able to mask other kaijus and itself from sight and radar.