Nova Sierra was a MK III Jaeger created for the New York City Shatterdome in response to the Atlantic Breach threat.  It was created in 2036 and was destroyed in 2037 in the battle for New York City. 


Nova Sierra was created as a MK III Jaeger to fill the support role in battle. It had a new feature: a rotating blade saw that was never very effective due to its massive size. It also had a retractable wrist blade on its left arm. 

The Jaeger was createed in New York City in 2036 and remained until 2037 when it responded to a catagory II Kajiu and quickly took care of it. In late 2037 the Battle for New York City began with Nova Sierra being deployed and killing one Kaiju before realizing there were two more catagory IVs waiting for it. Nova Sierra was quickly overpowered and went down swinging. 


Nova Sierra features a lobster red color scheme at the pilots' requests with a large emblem on the chest. It has an experimental rotating blade saw on its right arm with a retractable wrist blade attatchment on its left arm.  

Nova Sierra
Technical Information
Given Name Nova Charlie
Nickname(s) Super Nova
Launch Date 2036
Classification MK III
Status Destroyed
Country of Origin USA
Jaeger Specifications
Height 220ft
Weight 1,847 tons
Speed 8
Strength 6
Armor 5
Battle Specifications
Weapons Rotating Blade Sword, Retractable Wrist Blades
Body Language Wu Kwan Do
Power Moves Chainsaw Massacre
Pilots Ryan White

Jon Cannon

Kaiju Killed 2
Out-of-Universe information