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Noveria Alpha
Technical Information
Given Name Noveria Alpha
Nickname(s) Bodark
Launch Date September 9, 2018
Classification Mark IV
Status Retired
Country of Origin Russia
Jaeger Specifications
Height 260ft(79m)
Weight 1,300 Tons
Speed 8
Strength 9
Armor 9
Battle Specifications
Operating System Bodark 9.0 OS
Weapons GD6 Chain Sword

S-11 Pulse Launcher

Body Language Spetsnaz Elite
Power Moves Туз в рукаве (Ace Up the Sleeve)

Spetsnaz Suplex

Pilots Alexi Vorshevsky

Dmitri Vorshevsky

Kaiju Killed 18
Out-of-Universe information
Appears in Atlantic Kaiju Incursion

Second Kaiju War

 Noveria Alpha is a Russian Mark IV Jaeger piloted by brothers Alexi Vorshevsky and Dmitri Vorshevsky. It is assigned to the Camp Lejeune Shatterdome alongside Devildog Ruler and Urdnot Destroyer as a part of Strike Group Cerberus and Leatherneck Omega as part of Strike Group Auditore.


First DeploymentEdit

it's first deployment was to go defeat a category 4 kajiu stuuner.

second deployment Edit

It second deployment is to defeat slaughter with Eden Assassin.

kaiju kills/ stuuner,/ devildog,/Edit