Olympic Royal was a MK VI Jaeger that was constructed in the Anochorage Shatterdome but was transferred to the New York City Shatterdome. The Jaeger was completed in 2031 and was quickly tested in late 2031. It won a quick victory but suffered some damage.


Olympic Royal was completed in 2031 in Anchorage but was transferred to New York city to combat the Atlantic Breach threat. It had a total of 3 Kaiju kills before being destroyed in the Battle for New York City in 2037.


Olympic Royal is painted an unusual shade of purple and white. The color combination has lead to many fans for the Jaeger. It features a secure chest con-pod as well as extra reactors on the top. A large central spotlight helps to identify any Kaiju it encounters. It has a wrist plasma cannons as well as a wrist mounted blade for weapons.

Olympic Royal
Technical Information
Given Name Hue Royal
Nickname(s) Royalton
Launch Date 2031
Classification MK VI
Status Destroyed
Country of Origin USA
Jaeger Specifications
Height 264ft
Weight 2,413 tons
Speed 7
Strength 8
Armor 10
Battle Specifications
Energy Core Analog
Weapons Wrist blade, Fist plasma cannon
Body Language Street Fighter
Power Moves Royal Headcrush
Pilots Shawna Rachel

Lydia Max

Kaiju Killed 3
Out-of-Universe information