Omega Wilde

An image of the Jaeger.

Omega Wilde
Technical Information
Given Name Omega Wilde
Nickname(s) Gold'elocks

Ailill Ochair Aghra

Launch Date 30th December 2029
Classification Mark V
Status Destroyed
Country of Origin Ireland
Jaeger Specifications
Height 300 ft. (94m)
Weight 2,480 Tons
Speed 6
Strength 8
Armor 7
Battle Specifications
Equipment Dual Escape Pod

Time bomb

SM6 (Slug Mobilization) Aries Motor

Hill AL-V02/2030 (Anchor Lock)

Hollowgram Projecter Alpha 1

Operating System POII Reflex 134
Energy Core O'Doherty Quadcore Nuclear Cuboid Reactor
Weapons I-2000 Plasma Catapult Prototype

O'Doherty GD9 Chain Sword O'Doherty Spine Cannon

Body Language Heavy Plated Conn-Pod and Reactor

Titanium Carbonoid Spine

Power Moves Unrelenting Barrage

Hollow Fudge

Pilots Simon

Tyler O'Doherty

Kaiju Killed 5
Out-of-Universe information
Omega Wilde is a Mark V Irish Jaeger. It is the first Irish-Made Jaeger, hence its nickname Ailill Ochair Aghra. It was created for the POII, and first launched on 30th December 2029. It was placed in the Hong Kong Shatterdome before being moved to a newly constructed shatterdome on Cape Clear Island.

History Edit

The jaeger may have been built on the 3rd December, but its first deployment was in the Mongolian grove with Kublai Khan...

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